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Surviving 2020 with My Bubble of 4


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Everyone can agree that the year of 2020 has been like something out of a crazy movie. This is the year no one will forget and many years from now, you can look back at your tree and say “Remember 2020?” The year of a virus, toilet paper, hand sanitizer and masks! Available in a single and for social bubbles of 2 to 7 people.

This ornament style also comes in an alternate skin tone which can be found here.

*Ornament sample is for reference only. Final personalization will depend on size and spacing. We may make adjustments to make sure your ornament looks the absolute best while maintaining the integrity of your personalization requests.

Multi-Name Ornaments

Follow the order of numbers on the ornament to list your personalization.

For example for this Family of 4: You would write down:
1. Mom
2. Dad
3. Robert
4. Kimberly* (Use an * to indicate that Annie is female.)
5. Merry Christmas

You can check off the ‘Finishing Touches’ checkbox for ‘Add Eyelashes” and we will add eyelashes to little Kimberly to indicate that this family has a son and daughter. (Mom already has eyelashes.)

Single Name Ornaments

Let us know the name or short message you’d like to add. Depending on the size of the name or message, we would put it on Snowman’s hat or snowflake.

Want to add the year? The Mr. Snowman’s name will go on the hat and the year will go on the snowflake.

Need extra finishing touches? Need this to be a Miss Snowwoman? Check the “Add Eyelashes” box and we’ll give this snowman some eyelashes.

If you have special request, enter it in the ‘Order Instructions’ box at checkout.

Multi-Space Ornaments

For ornaments with a little more space, use the personalization box to be detailed as you’d like.

With this Christmas Tree Cookie, you could say:
Middle of tree: Merry Christmas
Bottom of tree: From the Olsen Family
Tree stump: 2020


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