A Christmas Moment

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A Christmas Moment Gives Back

At A Christmas Moment, we value the memories and the love that are made around this holiday season. We know it’s about the memories, the time spent, the fun and the fellowship with family and friends. We at A Christmas Moment celebrate Christmas because of the birth of Jesus Christ. We know it’s not actually about the tree, the ornaments and the gifts underneath. These are just bonuses on top of a special season and celebration.
But we also know that families and children around the country often struggle around this season. We realize that the tree and the trimmings may be difficult to come by, if at all, to many families. We realize that there are children who don’t get to have that festivity in their home. And we want to do our part to give back to those families and children in need during the Christmas season.
That’s why a portion of every ornament sale goes to causes that help families and children during this season. We love seeing the happiness that Christmas brings to your family that we want to bring that joy to others as well.
We have chosen to support the following causes:
Operation Christmas Child Every year, Samaritan’s Purse packs shoeboxes with toys, school supplies and hygiene items for children all over the world. From providing for simple every day needs to a toy that brings joy and a special card for the child, Operation Christmas Child aims to bring happiness and joy to children everywhere. For some, this may be the first gift they ever receive. We are proud to be able to partner with an organization that puts the welfare and happiness of children in their forefront.
Trees for Troops At A Christmas Moment, we honor our troops! We are glad to partner with Trees for Troops to provide free, farm-grown Christmas trees to United States armed forces in every branch of the military and their families. Obviously, Christmas trees have a special place in our hearts and so making sure deserving military families have a tree for their holiday season is something we can get behind!
We thank you for your every purchase and for getting behind these worthy causes!